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Lesha Engels
Lesha Engels

Lesha Engels

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lesha grew up in the bustling environment of a family-owned construction company. Lesha was immersed in the world of blueprints, concrete pours and the intricate dance of builders crafting dreams into reality. Her family's dual expertise in construction and real estate sales provided Lesha with a holistic understanding of the industry. 

After completing degrees in education and business, Lesha embarked on a notable career in the public sector and has dedicated over 17 years to serving the community. During this time, she has honed crucial skills in negotiation, problem-solving and a deep understanding of public education, school boundaries and community dynamics. 

Apart from professional knowledge, Lesha has personally bought, sold, and managed short and long term rental properties. These personal experiences have not only added a layer of expertise to her approach but have also fine-tuned her ability to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions. 

Equipped with a wealth of construction knowledge, public sector experience, and personal insights into the buying and selling process, Lesha provides clients with a seamless and personalized experience. Her comprehensive understanding of property values, construction quality, the Pacific Northwest region, and market dynamics enable her to approach every transaction with integrity, transparency, and a dedication to exceeding expectations.


Lesha Engels


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